Be successful and rise in your life

My passion is to work with you to live your maximum potential and achieve fulfillment through personal business development

Who is Zina Al Zuhairi?

I love being a Coach, an Entrepreneur, and an Investor. The diversity, experience, and knowledge I have gained from years of experience in those fields gave me the drive to share what I know with people. Touching other people’s lives and seeing them going through their growth journey is a purpose in life and a value I would never compromise on.

I have been educated by the world’s most successful achievers in various fields like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harve Eker, Blair Singer, Rob Moore, and many others.

My journey of entrepreneurship began at an early age, as I was spending my Summer school holidays helping in the family businesses.

At the age of 25, I became regional director of Al Yaquit off sore company in Jordan. At the age of 35, I decided to move to London and be trained by leading entrepreneurship and self-development professionals.

Soon I became the co-founder and Director of Goldsmith Property in the United Kingdom, which bought 18 properties in 18 months.

At the age of 38, I Co-founded and became the director of Najahi company. it was an event management company that specialized in Personal and Business Development.

Through my journey, I have met a group of entrepreneurs and leaders in the Arab and Western world. and I saw my young self in many people looking for answers about success, so I decided to be a bridge between the Western and the Arab world.

Do you have a business idea to start a project but don't know how to evaluate this idea or don't know how to start?

One of the common and wrong beliefs is that if you have experience in a particular field (often technical expertise), this will be enough to start your own business. For example, if you are a hairdresser, this will enable you to open a successful barbershop.
There are three main pillars on which the success of the project depends: first: Vision, second Planning and third is Execution.

Use fear as motivation to success!

Fear is not always a negative feeling, it can stop us from taking action, but it can be used to spur us into action. We can use it by uncovering the fear of not doing something, of not making a change, and the negative impact that not doing something will have on our lives

The challenges of Entrepreneurship

The majority of those who teach mainstream business studies have never created a single business and their information is based on studies and theories away from practical experience. That’s why I decided to start sharing my experience and information with you based on experience, reality, and study.

As entrepreneurs, we all want to start somewhere on our journey towards achieving our goals

My approach as a coach is based on systems that have been tested over many years around the world by those who practice them themselves. By learning about the requirements and the needs of the market, I have created tailored programs that will enable you to go through your journey with less effort, risk, and faster.

Learning with me will be based on two pillars


The first pillar:


The majority focus on the idea or on the management or implementation of the work project, which is certainly important, but the most important is to know how mentally and mentally ready you are to deal with the surprises and challenges you face in your working life and your own life. Because you are the one who will manage the project and you are the cornerstone of success. I will train you and help you create a clear picture of what you want, as well as how to control your feelings, how to make the right decisions, the art of negotiation, and the strengthening of self-confidence.


The second pillar:

The Business

In a direct and simplified way, I will cover the basic steps to start any business such as management systems, planning, implementation, funding, and teaming, and how to find and serve the client.

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